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Things God Desires To Increase In Your Life

Jesus said," Ask and you shall receive." Begin to incorporate your asking God to increase these things in your life, and to bring you in to a place of blessing concerning these areas of your life.
God Wants to Increase Your:
Faith, Time You Spend With Him, Time in The Word of God, Love for Him, Love for Yourself, Love for Others, Blessing on Your Spouse, Your Children and Your Family, Supernatural Experiences in Him, Intimate Knowledge of the Holy Spirit, Giving (Sowing), Reaping, Wisdom, Peace, Joy, Hope, Physical Strength, Mental Strength, Fruit (The Product of Your Life that Glorifies Him), Abilities, Giftings, and Talents, Life Span, Blessings that flow into and from your life, Thankfulness and Appreciation of Him and toward Him, Victories Over Your Enemies, Prayer Life and Intercession, Finances and Your Ability to Obtain Wealth, The Fear and Reverance of God in Your Life, Favor With God and Man, Patience, Soulwinning, Safety and Protection, Healing and Health, Ability to tap into His Power, Enjoyment and Pleasure in this World, Relaxation and Rest, Self-Esteem and Confidence, Boldness and Confidence in Him, ,Integrity, Holiness and Purity, Desire and Ability To Do Good Toward Others, Forgiveness Toward Others, Interaction With Angels, Authority and Power in Him, Church Fellowship, Enlarge Your Family, Mercy and Compassion Toward Others, Promotion and Success.
Pray and ask for increase, He will increase you more and more. It's ok to ask Him for more. He is a giver,and He desires to give to you, and reward you.