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Life Happens

So it has been almost a month now since we have been able to post or host the radio show on Blog Talk Radio. Chris and his wife Tracey have been in the process of moving to a new house, and my wife and I have been dealing with just random life stuff. It could also be that we have perhaps gotten lazy, or even that we have become so focused on our own lives we have forgotten why we were doing this ministry to begin with. Let me clarify that last statement. Almost a year ago when Chris and myself began the Prayer International ministry, we were not completely sure where God would take it. We both just knew that God was moving. We also both felt a strong need to have a 24 hour prayer site on the web, where people could go and get prayer anytime day or night. So we created a simple website with that purpose in mind. In the beginning we would get a few prayer requests, which Chris would send responses to, and we also had live video feeds available. However, we soon learned that staffing a