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Who's Your Daddy?

THERE IS AN IDENTITY CRISIS IN THE WORLD AND IN THE BODY OF CHRIST.  AS A WHOLE, WE DON'T KNOW WHO OUR DADDY IS.  WHO'S YOUR DADDY?, HAS BECOME A POPULAR STATEMENT.  A VERY TRUE ONE INDEED!  Our Father which art in Heaven, Jesus told us to pray Our Father, He did not refer to Him as His Father although He was his Father.  He is OUR Heavenly Father.  There is an identity crisis in our nation and across the world.  We have entered into the fields of the fatherless.   There is a lack of Fatherhood in our nation.  Everywhere across the board for one reason or another, children are being raised without the blessing and wisdom of their father in their lives.  That is not to say for some, the character and behavior of their fathers, is not worth  the wisdom or blessing that they have to impartWe are in a time where we desperatly need to know our Heavenly Father.  As a people, we need to find, get to know, and learn to follow Our Heavenly Father's direction in our lives.  Everyone needs their Heavenly Father's blessing in thier lives, in order to function and develope properly. 

  Let's look to heaven, and reach for an intimate relationship with the one who loves us more than anyone.  Humbly reach out in prayer and devotion, He is waiting for you.  Do not wait any longer.  Ask Him in today, ask Him to lead you.  He gives good gifts to His children, and wants more than anything for you to develop a relationship with Him.